June 19, 2014


This happens to be my third box from My Envy Box subscription. I had got the last two boxes in pink and this was quite a refreshing surprise because I have an immense love for the color and scent of lavender. And it was a double win because there is a product to match the theme. I had some potpourri in lavender and couldn't resist throwing some beside the box for the photos. The box is  definitely a sturdy one for storage too. Now, that was the first impression. Lets head to the products now! 

June 17, 2014

Why you 'Need' 70% Alcohol in your Makeup Kit

I have been taught strictly and hence talking about the usage of alcohol in my makeup workshops countless times. More than talking, we have used up almost two bottles till now. But why? Do we love to get high while we do makeup ? Haaah Nah! This is Isopropyl Alcohol which is poisonous for consumption. The kind that is used to soak wipes that are individually ripped out and rubbed vigorously before getting a needle in your arm at a hospital. When I was starting the workshops it was such a challenge to find it in India. Then I was in Saudi and my cousin got two bottles for me generously from Riyadh. Well, drinking alcohol the ethanol alcohol is banned but this is available as no one can get intoxicated with this but poisoned. So this is to keep out of reach of children. And sadly, when my students asked me if this is available in India, I had no answer. So this post goes out for everyone because I have finally found where to get it. Learn how and why to use it too! 

June 09, 2014

My Real Techniques Haul + First Impression Quick Review

After losing my mind reading loads of reviews and raves I finally get my hands on these gems. I didn't know if I needed them but it would be actually after purchasing that would prove the reviews right or wrong. A friend recommended these and highlighted the must haves. So, hence gave the duo fibre (stippling) brush and the eye kit a pass. There was a 20% of sale on the site and why not?

So, what are these? Nick and Samantha Chapman are the youtube gurus (pixiwoo) who have designed these amazing brushes. These are one of these things that are designed by youtubers that have made a complete hit throughout the world of makeup artistry from beginners to professionals. Yes, they are that good! 

May 17, 2014

My Envy Box | May 2014

One of the happy days when My Envy Box gets delivered. A big thanks to the Envy Team for sending me this wonderful box. The second pink box followed by April filled with goodies that fit in the box. The sample beauty box that lets you test new products without having to commit to full size products. When you open it, it is a complete surprise. So, come lets peek into my edition of My Envy Box of this month and discover my products and what I think about it. 

March 15, 2014

REAL BRIDES // Deepti's Natural Classic South Indian Look

A beautiful South Indian bride from small town a couple of hundred miles from Hyderabad. This was a long distance bridal assignment. She tried trials at Clinique she tells me and did not like what they did to her base. It is very common to layer on thick coats of foundations to achieve the satisfactory cliched fair look. No offense but the assistants over brand counters and even a handful of parlors suggest at least ten shades lighter foundation. Yes ten, not just one or two shades lighter. The lighter foundations fail to give a proper coverage plus react with the natural skin tone and give off a grayish white cast making the face stand out as an awkward tone from the whole exposed body such as arms. She shared her issues and I insisted on a trial. She fell in love with the base! She added that it doesn't even feel like she's wearing heavy makeup.