Don't know where to start with your base? Want to cover your dark circles, acne marks, or pigmentation?
Starting from the basics and fundamentals of makeup, beauty and skincare working up to perfecting the base with different techniques. The basics of color theory for the color correction, concealing are strengthened and foundation tones along with undertones. We focus on problems such as acne marks and dark circles to skin diagnosis for finding the suitable foundation formula using the best available tools for desired flawless long lasting base for day and evening looks. Everyone\'s favorite part on this day is the bonus self grooming eyebrow guide!

Want to know how to make your face look slimmer and your cheekbones high? Blending?
This day is based on one word - 'blending' which is the key to a flawless base makeup. The mask of the foundation is removed with the face sculpting that includes contouring and highlighting. If you have seen celebrities rumored for plastic surgery and when they claim its all makeup it surely is makeup that is the power of sculpting. It has gained popularity worldwide but India needs a bit of brushing up. There are many wrong ways to do it but only one right one, learn it here. Color theory of dimension of light and shadows with the smokey eyes and you are all set to blend! This class is fun with transformations and smiles of slimmed faces.

Have you tried a look that never suited you? Do you never get that winged liner right?
This day is all about mastering. With the help of blending skills and confidence you gain last class you are all set for a challenge. Everyone's eye shape will be evaluated and will practice customized eye makeup looks. From blush to liner to lips and a swipe of mascara you will complete your makeup and practice transformation from day to everything looks. Every student gets custom advice suited to their shapes, individual style and personality. The best tips to achieve a flawless photo ready makeup. Loads of practice, creativity and fun this day.

Feels like makeup counters harass you? End up buying what you don\'t need, like or suits you?
Get a chance to shop with the expert, get tips and learn the secrets of smart shopping. This day is one of the favorites when it comes to students/brides building their kit. Even the best techniques go astray when the kit is not quality and complete. Learn how to swatch, compare, play with colors and learn to use your color theory knowledge. From split complementary to contrasting colors to the hard essential basics to be able to create looks you want. Find your style, from drugstore to professional M.A.C. This will be one of the best trips to the mall you had.


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 (5,000 advance  is required to register and reserve your seat. Balance of 20,000 to be paid in cash on first day of class)
NOTE: Payments are non-refundable..
Thank you!
REFERRAL DISCOUNT PROGRAM: 10% off  for you and your referred friend if you join with them. So you both take Rs. 2500 off from the balance. If you refer another friend you can get an additional 10% off leading to a total of Rs.5000 off if you refer two friends. 

BRIDAL REFERRAL: If an old student or a future bride booked with us refers you to this workshop, ask them to call us that they have referred you so you can get an instant 10% off.

*Maximum discount limited to 20%.

Our best selling makeup workshop in Hyderabad since two years! Hands on environment for training that allows you to experience and learn in a practical manner to create flawless day and evening looks for yourself. Along with theory, the practice oriented approach is what sets this workshop apart.  This covers all the secrets of the tools and techniques that teaches you to confidently strengthen your makeup skills and knowledge.
-Skincare and skin-prep to a flawless base and routine
-Self grooming guide to natural brow arch
-Color Theory and color correction techniques
-Corrective makeup and concealing for acne, scars, marks and dark circles
-Foundation selection, application techniques and setting
- Face sculpting - blush, contouring and highlighting theory and techniques
- Blending of eye-shadows and perfect neutral makeup from day to evening
-Customized approach to eye makeup and individual looks
-Perfecting the winged liner and kohl smudging techniques
-The perfect pout application, setting and corrective techniques
-Personal shopping trip to get advice on how to shop smart with color theory


-Coming soon
-Coming soon


Bookings open till seats available
Classes will start only when all 10 seats are booked  by the artist.
ONLY 0 Seats Available Batch 1, 4 Seats Available Batch 2
TENTATIVE DATES: 2016 September 24th, 25th, October 1st, 2nd, 8th and 9th ( 11am to 5:30 pm) :
Bookings OPEN
Hotel Marriott & Convention Centre, Tank Bund Road, Hussain Sagar Lake,
Hyderabad Telangana  500080

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For applications, interested students are required to fill the form and submit. You will be sent the application form for selection process. Join hundreds of students who have applied to join the course. We select the most passionate students for our class. Whether you are a beginner or in the industry, tell us why you should be selected to learn from Ayesha AK. We are offering the seats on rolling basis so don't be late.
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Am a bit late in writing my awesome experience with this fabulous and beautiful person, but better late than never. I went to this class with a mindset that its just a 4 sundays wys class and i will be done with it..but it was not the same i started with a gloomy sunday and the rest sundays were as exciting as i did not imagine at all, it had so much to learn and a icing on the cake was a beautiful trainer with a beautiful mind and a awesome crowd around me. Every girl in that workshop was so energetic and full of enthu...i mite as well go to this workshop all sundays of the Year if Ayesha would agree to keep us thruout the year.   

Its a must go workshop for all age groups specially because it is very informative and everything you learn here will stay with you for a lifetime...its just not about make-up but its about everything that a girl can think of and imagine and dream of.

Ayesha as person is a very beautiful both ways(the way she looks and the way thinks). She will not give you a feeling that you meeting her for the first time, and help you understand the smallest of the skin care related question. lots of patience and affection that is seen in the way she teaches and her passion for her work will make others passionate about learning this subject(atleast thats what happened to me).

Am still not done writing the way i feel about the amazing last few sundays of my life, but i am sure it will go too long.

Every girl must attend this workshop to know all the secrets to look beautiful.

Ayesha's makeup workshops were phenomenal! From tips and tricks to in depth knowledge, she knows it all Ma sha Allaah! I started the Level 1 makeup class to correct my basics and that's exactly what I got! From investing in good skin care regimen to finding your foundation shade and then exerting your makeup skills, she showed it all so well and beautifully! She was so patient when we made mistakes and gave us room to practice and perfect ourselves! Each Sunday was so fun and exciting 😀 couldn't wait to learn more! The shopping day was the highlight of it all bringing all that you've learned and putting it to use!
Also, this workshop gave me a chance to meet such wonderful people! Never got bored or felt out of place. Everyone was so warm and blissful

I've always had a big love for makeup ever since I was a kid! And Ayesha\'s workshop was a great way to perfect my skills! She helped me overcome my confusions with foundations and showed easy small tips to achieve that flawlessly natural look. She bought her motto "The best thing is to look natural, but it takes makeup to look natural\' by Calvin Klein to reality. Anyone joining her workshops should never have second thoughts because its WORTH IT! I can never thank Ayesha enough for introducing me to such amazing people who are beautiful inside and out! Will definitely miss the 'sundays'
The shopping trip was the best part! Ayesha was so patient with everyone's queries and helped us find amazing products for all of us! It was so much fun that I'm sure we're all bonded for life 😀
Thanks Ayesha for the best workshop ever! Cant wait for more! Stay amazing! Love you! xoxo

Ayesha's work and teaching is merely beautiful just like her. I found her on facebook and instantly loved her work. By god’s instance, a workshop was scheduled and fir kya tha, I just grabbed the opportunity and enrolled to her workshop. She could patiently handle me in the workshop as being a newbie to this makeup world; I had definitely loads of doubts in my mind. And not only she cleared my doubts but gave me loads of new learning as well. And the best of all was the shopping day, Shopping with a guru is a bliss.
Thanks for enlightening us with the share of your knowledge. Hope to grab more knowledge in near future. Keep up the spirit Ayesha. Already miss the workshop and “the” Sundays.

My awesome experience with Ayesha and Rude & Chic started just when I googled her. Her work, her blog made me make up my mind that she is the one I want to learn makeup from. Right from when I started inquiring till now, she has always been the same sweet and patient person. The knowledge that Ayesha shares is undoubtedly the best. She broke so many myths and educated us with not only makeup but skincare. Her choice of colors and products is just spot on. The enthusiasm she has towards the makeup and her students is just exquisite.

There's so much to learn and love. I am glad I had the chance to learn from her and looking forward to more workshops and of course, the shopping trip. Much love.. xoxo... Keep up the amazing work Ayesha!! ♥ ♥

Marriage around the corner and just confused about my look where each and every eye will be upon me.But down the line in some corner of my heart , I think i will be able to do it as you have been helping me with my confusions,just wanted to drop a note as how supportive you have been.Thank you of that .You take care of your students not just till the workshop but after that too.The relation has continued and i hope it grows in the coming Days. You have been an angel in disguise for me.Thanks Ayesha...