• Q- Is this workshop for me?
  • Ayesha’s makeup workshops are for anyone from who has no clue about makeup to a makeup enthusiast who wants to polish their skills with strong basics. Whether you are a housewife, student or a professional, proper makeup skills have become a necessity towards personal grooming in this era. Many students have complained to get lost with the countless online tutorials because that doesn’t work for them. Customized friendly easy-to-learn approach and hands on environment makes this an experience of a lifetime that actually works for each and every skin type to face shape. You will get answers to all your beauty problems. We assume our students do not know anything and start from scratch to build a strong base. The informal way of teaching makes the students comfortable to approach the artists during class. Special attention is given to slow learners with every part and syllabus so that all attendees leave with the same level of skill set acquired.

Q-  Is this workshop only like a seminar or lectures?

Ayesha’s Makeup Workshops is one of the first leading makeup destinations in Hyderabad since three years that embedded the concept of all hands on following with demonstrations maintaining strong hygiene, product knowledge and latest techniques acquired globally. Each part of the class focusses on specific techniques that you are required to practice on the same day following the next day as a test.

Q- Can I just come for a demo and not attend hands on?
  • We had put together a class with complete hands on experience due to popular demand from the beginning for every attendee. If you’re not interested on hands on, we request you not purchase the seat. Each student should get the opportunity of hands on so that the artist can monitor their mistakes and correct their techniques that they go home equipped with experience. Due to limited seats we cannot provide seminar only option in this workshop. Every student should be practicing in order to get their creative juices flowing. That is the whole concept of Ayesha’s Makeup Workshops.


  • Q- Can I attend one specific syllabus or part of this workshop?
  • We have curated an easy to learn syllabus with in depth research, testing and experience. Each part of the syllabus of the class relies on each other. We are making sure each attendee goes home with complete knowledge to get started with strong theory and practical knowledge. You do not have to pick one part over the other. We always guarantee the most exciting and amazing experience and do not offer any one syllabus experience at this time.


  • Q- Are makeup products provided in class?
  • Students are advised to bring some of their basic products for practicing to get feedback and recommendations by the artist. However, if you are a beginner and do not know where to start, we have our class equipped with all professional products to use in class. ­We want our students to develop their skills during class and see what tools and products they like most helping their future purchases. We follow strict levels of hygiene and teach our students how to keep the kit and tools sanitized before and after use for the safety of all attendees.


  • Q- What is the payment procedure you offer?
  • You are able to make an advance deposit online and balance in cash. Look into the PAYMENTS section to register for the workshop.


  • Q- Once I make my advance deposit, when is the balance due?
  • All balances are due on the first day of class, no exceptions.


  • Q- Are snacks included in the price of the workshop?
  • We give a one hour break during class and have the hotel special for the gourmet snacks and hot beverages for the break time. You can select your beverage of choice and can have your tea, coffee or water when you need it.


  • Q- How and on who do we practice?
  • All students get the personal practice time one by one on themselves so they perfect themselves first with one-on-one attention by the artist. Interested students can practice on each other after they are done with themselves for extra use of the workshop time. They need not bring any models in class as limited members are allowed in the class.


  • Q- What is the size and duration of the workshop?
  • We have designed the workshop duration based on the demand of most students to avoid wasting time and keep the cost reasonable. We usually schedule them during weekends so that the working women can attend. The shorter duration ensures students get equipped with knowledge soon and start practicing soon after finishing their first makeup shopping. The hands on approach of the workshop requires the artist to spend time and give individual attention to each student so our class size and duration is customized to suit the seats booked. The total theory and practical duration of the workshop is 12-15 hours spread over two to three days depending on the total number of students. Maximum class limit is 10 students. Please check the OVERVIEW for the updated schedule according to the bookings. Any delays class are welcomed and the last day requires extra time so everyone clears all their doubts and finishes practicing. The above time does not include the shopping trip.


  • Q- What is the shopping trip?
  • This is one of the most unique features of this workshop which takes it up another level and let it stand apart. Most makeup courses include cheap quality makeup takeaway kits to get started but we do something different and amazing. Every skin type, tone and face is different and there is no makeup routine that is one size fits all. We encourage students to select their shades as a test and help build their kit on their special needs. Students need not purchase everything immediately keeping the budget in mind. We also advice the best budget buys based on our experience so you can save money where you can without having to buy , try and waste. We want you enriched with confidence when going shopping and not let the makeup counters overwhelm you. You receive a lifetime of free support in helping you shop for any makeup item. Learning the tricks and tips on how to test products, try out shades and even shopping smart will be provided during this class. All remaining questions will be answering with that extra informal downtime reconnecting with the artist and students as a team. This will be the best makeup shopping trip of your life.


  • Q- What is the syllabus of the Makeup Workshop?
  • Please check the SYLLABUS section of the workshop.


  • Q- What is the venue of the Makeup Workshop?
  • Please check the current VENUE section of the workshop.


  • Q- Is there an age and gender limitation to this Class?
  • Yes, currently we are accepting female students only due to the inhibited freedom that comes along and attendees must be over the age of eighteen years to register a seat.
  • Q- Do you provide a certificate?
  • We give a certificate of completion that gives you the proof of learning from Ayesha AK which can be used as a start to your career or a token of appreciation in your life’s skill set. The lifetime skills and knowledge you have invested and take home is more valuable than this piece of paper. We do not offer affiliation from any foreign academy to keep our rates reasonable and save precious time of attendees. This is due to the honest reason that there is no certification requirement for makeup artistry or self-grooming makeup in the state laws. The quality of education is the key to a strong start in what we take pride in.